Saturday, July 19, 2008

Templemartin Church of Ireland Gravestone Inscriptions

We have now added some of the Templemartin Church of Ireland Gravestone inscriptions that we could read to the Bandon Genealogy website.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cobh Genealogical Project charges for searches

Some of the Bandon registers have been sent to the Cobh Genealogical Project to be computerised, microfilmed and then forwarded to the RCB library. I have discovered that anybody wishing to access those records while they are being transcribed will have to pay euro 25 for each simple search - in my opinion, a rip off considering that you can consult the records for free at the RCB. For those looking for further information about the project, there is information on the Diocese of Cork Church of Ireland website

A couple of us are gradually computerising the records in the Bandon area and will offer the information for free. We have completed a number of these but still have some to do including some of those which have now ended up in Cobh. Had we known that there was a charge, we would have been vocal in resisting the transfer of these records.

We understand how difficult it is to get to the RCB especially for those who are based abroad. Anybody close to London who is researching Cork ancestors should remember that the Michael Leader collection at the Irish Genealogical Research Society has transcriptions of most of the parish records. This library is open on Saturday afternoons. There is a modest fee to become a member. One of the volunteers is from Bandon.

Some of the records from the following churches in Bandon area are now at the Cobh Project.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Knockavilly Former Church of Ireland Site

Once again a big thank you to Barry who helped us to find the former site of the Knockavilly Church of Ireland and the old Knockavilly graveyard nearby. For those interested in its location, as you drive from Crossbarry to Bandon take a right turn at a crossroads about a mile outside Crossbarry and continue on this road until you see a sign pointing to the Knockavilly graveyard. The graveyard is a bit overgrown but there are a number of old headstones which are clear enough.

The old Church of Ireland site is nearby but the ruins are barely visible as the church was taken down. To find the site, continue past the graveyard and you will come to a left turn. Continue until you find an opening on your left.


Kinneigh Graveyard Survey

Coppeen Archaeological Historical and Cultural Society are currently creating an inventory of graves in Kinneigh Graveyard (beside the round tower). They are appealing to anybody who can positively point out and identify graves to help them do so. The Kinneigh Round Tower has been recently restored and two graveyards and a church are close by. On the southern side, beside the church of St Bartholomew, lies the Church of Ireland graveyard. There are about 38 grave enclosures each with a headstone bearing details of those interred. Most of these burials have taken place during the 20th century. The church itself was built in 1856.

On the northern side of the church, a one acre site is covered in a dense concentration of low uninscribed gravemarkers. Centuries of burials have taken place here and two previous churches stood in the same area.

The Coppeen Archaeological Historical and Cultural Society website is


Leighmoney Church Site

Thanks to Barry Bradfield, we were able to locate the site of the former Leighmoney Church of Ireland. The site is directly opposite Poolnalong (Shippool) castle and a house now stands where the church was. I also visited the ruins of a previous Church. To get to this, continue along the R605 past Poolnalong castle ruins and you will find a sharp left turn next to a yellow house. Continue along this road for a few hundred yards and there is a wooded area with an old church-like gate into it. The ruins of the church are visible.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Bandon Genealogy and the Lismore Papers

Our recent research has been concentrated on the papers of the Dukes of Devonshire, the landlords for most inhabitants of Bandon town and many of the surrounds. We are posting as much as possible on the website but Bandon researchers should check this resource for themselves if they have the opportunity, as it is extensive and rich in information on local families.

The index to the Lismore Papers (estate papers of Dukes of Devonshire) can be found online at

and is searchable. The papers themselves, along with numerous microfilms, are held at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. The National Library does not do research to our knowledge but if you find something of interest and are unable to visit in person it may be possible to have a professional researcher check that reference for you. Where the condition of the material allows, photocopies of documents can be obtained.

We have extracted as much specifically Bandon material as practical so we hope you will find something of interest once we have it all up on the website."

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