Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bandon People in 1834 census who left for America

According to notes added to the Bandon Protestant Census of 1834, some members of the following families left for America after the census and before the 1846 census.

Family Name Christian Name Street

Applebee Alex
Archdeacon Castle Bernard Park
Brangan Joley
Bright Shannon Street Lower
Bruce William
Burchill Artillery Barracks
Burchill Boyle Street
Cassidy Castle Road
Connel Church Street
Donovan Main Street
Good Careys Cross
Grinley Main Street
Harrison Shannon Street Lower
Knowles Foxes Street
Leonard Castle Road
Morris Boyle Street
Roche Shannon Street Lower
Splain Boyle Street South
Stanley Main Street
Watson Shannon Street Lower
Williams Shannon Street Lower



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