Monday, March 17, 2008

Ballymodan Protestant Census for 1846

Today we managed to post part of the 1846 Ballymodan protestant census (A to Fa) on our website. The remainder of the census will be posted at a later date.

Unlike the 1834 census, this manuscript did not contain the ages of the children but it did contain notes about some of the families in the census. We have posted these notes along with the householder details as we feel that it is interesting for those researching their families. As with the 1834 census, some entries were difficult to read so there could well be errors in the transcriptions. We apologize for this..

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ballymodan Protestant Census for 1834

We have finally added the Ballymodan Bandon Protestant census for 1834 to our website so please take a look at it. It is invaluable for those researching protestant ancestors as it gives the head of the household and all family members often including their ages if they were children. We apologize for any errors as the manuscript was difficult to read and it took many many hours to transcribe.

In time we will add an alphabetical listing to this census but for now you will have to use the edit 'find now' function in your browser to locate specific families without having to scroll through every entry.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

My first visit to the Cork Archives

Yesterday I visited the Cork Archives for the first time in search of further information about the genealogy of Bandon and the surrounding area. The staff were very helpful and provided me with a list of documents that might be useful. It will take me ages to work my way through all the manuscripts, boxes etc. Some of the collections haven't yet been archived.

I started with the Board of Guardian Minute books for the Bandon Poor Law Union. Many pages are extremely difficult to read but it gives a very interesting account of how the work houses were set up and how the funds were raised. I can't wait for my next visit as there is so much to go through.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Genealogical Research for Bandon

Welcome to our site for genealogical research in Bandon, County Cork. Two of us, Catherine and Patsy, have been putting together for the past nine months. We hope that it will be of benefit to those who are researching their families in Bandon. Keep checking the site every now and again as we will keep adding to it.