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Irish genealogy has now released additional records so is well worth taking a look at.



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These headstones are taken from the Hughes family cemetery, now named the Cape Blanco Pioneer Cemetery, located on Cape Blanco Road, at milepost '1', Port Orford, Oregon, United States. These were people who had worked on the Hughes ranch in the 1800's. There used to be many headstones, but there are only five remaining. I sent pictures about 7 years ago to Co. Cork website, historian, but I am sending the transcriptions only as I no longer have a digital camera. If I find the photos later on my main computer I will send them along. Here are the epitaphs, not all from County Cork, so I can send it along to other sites if you feel it necessary. Otherwise, you get them all. Suzi Miller

1. William O Sullivan
(no comma, making it O'Sullivan, but the O was over close to the Sullivan so my guess it that this is all the surname, not a middle initial and surname.)
Born in Cork Co Ireland Died May 7 1900 Aged 86 years

2. Denis McCarthy
Native of Cork, Ireland Died April 16, 1898 Aged 79 years
May his soul rest in peace

3. Sacred to the Memory of
Michael Duffy
Born in Co. Monoughan Ireland 1817 Died Jan 30 1903
May his soul rest in peace.

4. Frank McMullen beloved husband of Catherine McMullen born in County Tyrone, Ireland
Apr 2 1840 Died at Port Orford, Oregon Nov 1, 1905 RIP

5. Catherine beloved wife to Frank McMullen
died December 27, 1915 Aged 78 years, 6 months, 7 days

6. Sacred to the memory of Patrick Hughes
Born in Co Tyrone, Ireland April 15, 1830 Died June 28 1901. Lived 77 years.
May his soul rest in peace.

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